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Would you like to expand the range of your company, product or service? With me, your advertising could travel all around the world!

I have big plans for these upcoming years and I am currently looking for partners to cooperate with, a company or business that would like to join my adventure with all its chances. Maybe you're the one I'm looking for? 

You might be wondering now, why - out of all these digital nomads and van life travellers out there - you should choose me. Well, that is a good question! So, what is it that makes me extraordinary and what makes me valueable for your marketing strategy? 

  1. The route - travelling across the Balkans,Turkey and the Stan-countries to get to Mongolia is unusual road and a road less travelled. I have prepared myself quite a while for this and I'm taking my time to travel. I'm slower than the majority of travellers, so that I can get to know the countries very well. 

  2. My van - "Fred" is not a classic VW-camper, but an old service car that escaped its dull existence right on time to live his best life travelling with me. Currently, there is a lot of white surface on the outside, which would give you a lot of space for print advertisement, which travels around the world - literally and digitally on my social media channels. 

  3. The overall package - studying literature at university and working in copy editing and SEO have been part of my professional journey. Additionally, photography and film making have been hobbies of mine for years now. So let's create content together and optimise it for your marketing purpose! Besides the print option on the surface of my van, I can offer you product placements on my social media channels and this website. And who knows what's up next? 

Well, that was a lot of business right there. Being totally honest with you, my biggest benefit from a cooperation would be the actual work with a partner, the conditions in particular are rather secondary for me. I'm hoping for a win-win-situation, so that I can finance my journey a bit better and share it for and with other people. 

So, no matter what you can or cannot offer, feel free to reach out to me for inquiries. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 

Thank you for your message!


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