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Maria Glaser 

Freelance Copy Editing, Proof Reading, Content Writing & Translations


B. A. German Literature and Social Sciences

Work experience

  • Freelancing for clients in various countries since 2021

  • Copy editing and proof reading novels, non-fiction and academic papers (German language) 

  • Bilingual content writing (digital and print) 

  • Translations German - English

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Work with me 

Language has an incredible potential, beauty and power, which has always fascinated me.

For several years now, I've been working in this field. During my studies of German Literature and Social Sciences, I have experienced a lot, e. g. assisting a theatre production in Berlin or working as a copy editor in a publishing house in Vienna. Since 2021, I am a freelance copy editor and worked on various projects in German language. Additionally, I have been working as a content writer in German and English language as well as a translator for interesting fields and different employers and clients, amongst others the German websites and as well as the German farm Bornwiesenhof. 

Thus, the topics of my expertise are very broad: 

  • Contemporary German Literature

  • Political Science and Sociology 

  • Transportation and Rail (Tourism and Economy) 

  • Autonomous Driving & E-Mobility 

  • Agriculture

I'm looking forward to your inquiries, if you're looking for a content writer or a thorough correction of a German text. Also, feel free to message me regarding other text related cooperations and reach out for my CV. 

Thank you for your message!


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