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Departure Towards the East

Eisenach, 25.05.2023

Search task: Where did my dad sneak into the picture?

The time has come: With a brand new clutch from the repair workshop and after a few hours of luggage Tetris, Fred and I are on the road again! The roof box is filled with a wetsuit, diving fins, climbing equipment, riding gear, a yoga mat, etc. In addition, the tank is full, clothes are in the closet, the music is on and the first destination is: Wrocław in Poland.

"And there is a magic in every beginning that protects us and helps us to live." - Hermann Hesse

This trip begins with the same magic. The sun shines right into my face as I laugh tears on the way to the highway. I'm beginning to feel what I have known for months: I am completely free.


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