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I am leaving, I will be leaving, I will have left. But leaving means that there is something to leave, right? So what am I leaving? And who?

Ever since I made the decision to leave, I have left the present. Since January, I have lived in May. For months now, my body has been physically present but my mind is gone, I am already on the road, my journey has begun and I already completed a part of it.

But what would leaving be without a base? I am lucky enough to have a place I call home, a place that is safe and sound. This place has always been that: A place for me to retreat and recharge. A home that is safe and sound, what a priviledge, even though it shouldn't be. Am I taking enough time to be grateful for that? That sure is a reason for leaving: to learn being grateful.

So, I am leaving, I will leave and I will have learned, will have lived, will have seen, will have tasted, will have felt and hopefully understood. And what's next? I am already looking forward to this feeling just before arriving in Eisenach, the excitement at the first sight of the Wartburg, the hugs from family and friends - it has always been like that. What would leaving be without returning?


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