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Turkey Between Tofaş and Tea

Last year, Turkey was the second country after Romania where I spent a longer period of time. Almost three months, to be precise. This country inspired, surprised and fascinated me with its incredible diversity, size and the warmth of its people.

My route in Turkey

Coming from Greece, I meandered through the narrow streets of Istanbul with the van in July 2023, then drove along the Marmara Sea to Bursa and all the way to Adana after that.

For weeks, the Mediterranean Sea accompanied me beyond the passenger seat. From Adana, I travelled inland through the rocky landscapes of Cappadocia to the Turkish capital Ankara.

With a stopover in Hattuşa - the former capital of the Hittites - and the first workshop breaks, I reached the northern coast of the country on the Black Sea. After almost two months in Turkey, I travelled for a while in Trabzon and the tea region near Rize.

In September, I almost reached the maximum duration of my visa, 90 days, and skipped the Kurdish regions in the south-east of the country for the time being. Now, I am all the happier that I can be back in Turkey to make up for it and finally tell you more about this country that has so often amazed me.


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